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Famous For: 2 UNESCO World Natural & Heritage Sites

Founded in 1753, today Lunenburg’s Old Town, remains as it was founded, with its uniquely famous architecture ‘Lunenburg Bump’ and original town plan. Lunenburg is also home to the Bluenose II, Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador.

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs, are known throughout the world for its extensive deposits of 300-million year old fossils. The nearby Joggins Fossil Centre displays an extensive collection with interpretive tours both of the centre and the cliffs.

The graceful lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove sits high upon the smooth wave-worn granite of the coast, and is a revered symbol of the sea-born spirit of Nova Scotia. It is Canada’s only post office located in a lighthouse, making it one of the most photographed sites in Canada.

Interesting Facts:

  • Halifax is one of the largest natural harbours in the world
  • We are a full-service port with every cruise amenity
  • Our harbour has the deepest berths on the Eastern Seaboard of North America
  • Our salt water ferry service was the first in North America
  • We are the only Canadian port with dedicated on-site police services
  • All cruise passengers are greeted by drums and bagpipes by the 78th Highlanders

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